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SHHHHHH... don't let the llama out of the bag!


Our Illamanati - Secret Blend is everything a llama needs to take over the world. This secret society of llamas, known as Free Spitsons, seek to bring about good and oppose the progress of moral evil. However, the secret behind their "blend" cannot get out in order to succeed. 


What is in the secret blend you might ask? Well... it's a secret... that is filled with citric and honey aromas and tasting notes of red apple and dark chocolate. Roasted to a perfect medium-dark roast to enhance your coffee experience.


Will you be next to join this secret society of llamas? The time is now. 

12 oz. Illamanati

  • Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

    Tasting Notes: Red apple and Dark Chocolate

    Origin: IT'S A SECRET

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