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Let us introduce our “Llama Be Me - Espresso Yourself Blend”! This blend of coffee combines our Guatemalan beans and Sumatran beans to form a bold, yet flavorful, espresso blend of coffee.


Why call it “Llama Be Me - Espresso Yourself Blend”? At Llama Bean Coffee Co, we take great pride in building partnerships that promote kids and adults to be themselves. We believe expressing yourself allows ones true colors to show and promotes positivity and productivity in life. But wait… there’s more! While the colors included in this drawing may look like a random splash of paint, there is a deeper meaning to them. We wanted a piece of artwork that not only popped, but also brought people from all walks of life together. On the right, you will notice the Pride Flag colors that represent diversity of the LGBT community. While on the left, the colors representing dedicated first responders spill out of the cup.


Every month, We partner with a different organization in which we donate $3 from every “Llama Be Me” bag sold to support their cause.

12 oz. Llama Be Me

  • Origin: Guatemala & Sumatra

    Soil: Volcanic Loam

    Process: Washed

    Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Berry, Herbal, Earthy

    Roast: Medium-Dark

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